Working with Listed and Historic Buildings

We are pleased to be associated with the upkeep, repairs and alterations of many Listed and Historic Buildings in Gloucestershire and Warwickshire, either as one off contracts or on a return basis over the years. Our Specialist Services include: Leaded glazing work - Lime Plasterwork - Specialist stone repairs and renewals and Conservation Textiles and paintwork. Below are some examples of Buildings of note that we have worked on...

    St Laurence Rowington
St Laurence RowingtonWe have a 20 year plus working relationship with the Church of St Laurence, Rowington which is located on the Old Warwick Road between Warwick and Hockley Heath. Over this period our work has taken us to most parts of this Church which is built in sandstone quarried locally to the site in the early part of the 12th century

Our work has taken us to the tower roof where we have carried out specialist on site lead work repairs and gilded the 17th century weathervane through protective coating of the bell frame, reconstruction of the clock housing, anchoring and re roofing of the tiled spiral staircase roof down to the main areas of the church at ground level
St Laurence interiorIn the main body of the Church we have built up a lengthy inventory of repairs, alterations via Faculty, and remedial work which ranges from masonry repairs and plasterwork through to alterations including a new vestry and anteroom with kitchenette

We have also worked extensively on the outside of the Church building on a variety of contracts including construction of the pathway system, re-making of the entrance gates, rebuilding and ongoing repairs to boundary and retaining walls through to a range of repair works and exterior decorations

                                                                                               Holy Trinity Stratford upon Avon             Holy Trinity Church Stratford upon Avon
This famous Church situated alongside the river in Stratford upon Avon is the final resting place of William Shakespeare and receives many visitors from abroad each year. We have undertaken work on the boundary walls here since 2002 when commissioned to demolish, excavate and re-construct an aged retaining boundary wall. Shortly afterwards we refurbished the Main Entrance, South and West Gates, sandblasting in situ back to bare metal and spray painting on site 

In 2004 we were commissioned to refurbish about 75% of the 100 meter long characterful Blue Lias boundary wall by means of raking out of old mortar, effecting repairs to the stonework and occasional aged brickwork to the inner face, and re-pointing with hydraulic lime/sand mortar

Blue Lias Boundary Wall Holy Trinity 
We have also worked on many other areas and wall sections on this
site and have commissioned, and assisted in, surveying work along
with some repairs to the 'Beer House', a small Chapel of rest within
the Churchyard which has now sadly fallen into a state of dis repair
whilst budgets are examined


    The American Fountain Stratford-on-Avon
The American Fountain monument stands in the market square on Rother Street, Stratford upon Avon and was donated in 1887 by George W Childs (1829 -1894) of Philadelphia, an American publisher, to mark Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee

The large Gothic Clock Tower is an imposing example of design and architecture from the period and is built from sandstone quarried in Yorkshire. The tower incorporates drinking troughs made from Petershead granite and a drinking fountain which is no longer functional

You will see not only American Eagles but also English Lions and many small and delicate carvings of little animals as part of the stonework. Portrayed above each clock face is a representation of a fairy inspired by Shakespeare’s 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. The finished monument was unveiled by the English actor Henry Irving.

In 2012 we were commissioned to repair the Fountain monument's four high level pinnacles along with the four lower level pinnaclets all of which were in a state of disrepair. Two of the higher level pinnacles had blown down during a storm in January 2012

This interesting and rewarding contract included the sourcing of sandstone from a quarry near to the original source of building stone and required the carving of various decorative elements which had either been destroyed in the storm or become degraded over time. All of the lower level smaller 'pinnaclets' needed to be carefully taken down and deconstructed along with all of the slender higher level pinnacles with their iron finials. The ironwork was sand-blasted and repainted and a new furrel was made to replace an original which
had shattered in the fall from the building. The clip below shows the method of reinforcement used in the reconstruction phase


     Finished pinnacles showing replacement stonework
The repair and reconstruction methods used have insured maximum strength to the slender pinnacles which now have substantial stainless steel reinforcement to their core, at base and upper levels

Careful deconstruction has removed unhelpful and harmful resin jointed previous repairs and newly carved conical stone block sections bedded on traditional lime/sand mortar have reproduced the original construction methods

This famous monument and well known landmark has lasted surprisingly well for the last 125 years and the completed repair work will stand this much loved historic building in good stead for many years to come

                                                                                     Ann Hathaway's Cottage, Stratford upon Avon
Since 2016 we have been undertaking leaded glazing repairs and other general repairs to the historic sites owned by The Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust. The Trust notably looks after Shakespeare’s Birthplace, Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, Mary Arden’s House (and Farm), New Place and Hall’s Croft all of which are located in and around Stratford upon Avon

Trust have over 750,000 visitors each year so the challenge is to carry out the work required without disruption to the visiting public who are often quite interested in the repairs being carried out. We are happy to share with the public the conservation techniques used in the repair work and consider it a privilege to work on such interesting and historically important buildings

    Memorial Stratford upon Avon
Garden of Remembrance Memorial Stratford upon AvonThe Second World War Memorial shown is situated in the Garden of Remembrance, Stratford upon Avon. This is also the site for the Memorial to the Great War which stands close by

Since  2005 we have carried out work on this site, pointing walls and copings and replacing brickwork where necessary under the watchful eye of the British Legion who regularly attend this place of remembrance

We have also carried out repairs to the memorial structure itself


                                                                                                                            Church of St Peter Pebworth
St Peters Pebworth
St Peters can be found at the top of the hill in Pebworth. We have worked on this Church since 2006 when commissioned to carry out repairs to the exterior stonework and other minor repairs

In addition to minor repairs since then we have undertaken more comprehensive repairs to the vaulted ceiling in the Chancel. This traditional lime plaster repair on to new riven oak lathes is typical of the type of restoration and repair work required by those who commission conservation work


                                                                                                                         Town Hall Stratford upon Avon
Town Hall Stratford upon AvonWe have carried out maintenance work and repairs at Stratford upon Avon Town Hall since 2003 on a won contract basis. The type of work involved is mainly mundane such as guttering replacement and general remedial work however it is an interesting old building to work on and throws up challenges, such as a brief in 2006 to sympathetically repair the stonework to the North Balcony coping where an electricity company cherry picker had collided with it to cause some scarring damage and broken stonework. Over the years we have become familiar with the building having carried out work from the roof top down to the ground floor


    Cemetery Chapel Evesham Road
Evesham Road Cemetery Chapel
The Chapel at Evesham Road Cemetery, Stratford upon Avon was built in 1881 predominantly from Blue Lias stone, which over the years has produced quite a weathering problem to the South aspect because of the soft and de-laminating nature of the stone

We have carried out re-pointing work since 2005 to various aspects of the main building and to the boundary walls that enclose the site

Along with re-pointing of all the quoining up to eaves height our brief has been to attempt to slow down the weather erosion to the South aspect. This challenge has produced the need to formulate a mortar mix that will allow a sympathy with the original lime and grit sand mortar yet have an extra quality of hardness that would not outwear the Blue Lias stonework as is continues to become eroded by the elements

We continue to carry out maintenance work on a competitive tender basis at the Chapel site


    Civic Hall Stratford upon Avon
Civic Hall Stratford upon Avon
Stratford Civic Hall became a talking point in the early part of the 2000's after a complete exterior decoration was completed, as some took the view that it's new colour resembled a shade of pink not entirely suited to the building

We have undertaken a variety of work on this building ranging from lead work repairs on the roof through to secondary glazing installations in the Town Council offices

We have also carried out decorations to the main office areas

  Ongoing work brings us back to the above sites and other Churches and Buildings of Historic Interest

    Stone Carving

    Example of Ornamental Garden Feature
St Laurence RowingtonWe have a long standing working relationship with a local stone mason and stone carver who has worked extensively over many years in Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and Oxfordshire. Both individually and in joint projects we have undertaken work which has taken us to a wide variety of buildings of historic interest including Stately homes, National Trust Properties, Monuments and of course many Churches throughout the region

We offer a stone carving service which includes hand carving of Architectural Building Features, Ornamental Stone Objects, Letter Carving, Sculpture and Relief Carving, Garden Features and Plaques etc

We are able to replicate Achitectural Masonry features such as mullions, columns, cornices, dimensioned stone sections and natural stone Fireplaces
St Laurence interior
For any aspect of stone carving including the reproduction, replacement or repair of stone features and objects  please call us for further information


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